Inspired by The Barbican and its heterotopic* nature, the Trellis Trolley is a Garden on wheels. The trolley could be described as ‘herototopic’ but is not itself a heterotopia (as it does not allow people into it, and does not presuppose a system of opening and closing). However it does juxtapose in a single space, several real spaces that would otherwise be incompatible; (wheels, trellis and plants, allowing the garden to move).

*Heterotopia: -A place with its own rules and systems -A space that incorporates external entities/groups of people -Has a precise and determined function within a society -i.e. Supermarket, Cemetary, Allotment, Barbican Estate.

Because the Trolley is a fixed garden space that moves through another, bigger space (the city), it challenges what it means to have a garden. Plants are often viewed as fixed entities (and The Barbican has strict no cycling/no skateboarding rules) so putting the garden on wheels and taking it to The Barbican was an exploration of fixed and movable spaces, and how we consume and inhabit the city and its architecture.

On the walk to central london, the Trolley brought suprise and curiosity to the people we passed. Apparently it’s “very nice” and a “great idea for getting around”.

Gardens and plants are typically associated with relaxation, bliss and clean air. By making the garden portable, a person could achieve these Utopian ideals in the ‘non place’ that a walk from one point in the city to another would be, with a garden on wheels. The trolley could also move with someone wherever they chose; inside/outside, in their apartment/garden, or possibly out on a balcony.

Although this project originated at The Barbican, and blends in very well there, the Trolley received most compliments en-route, making me think that perhaps it will never have a final destination, and the garden will forever exist in utopic ‘non place’.

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