Average… what is it to be ‘average’, and how is this different from ‘normal’? And how do we become ‘other’ from ourselves and learn from ‘average’?

Model & GIF: Emma Irwin, Photography: Joe Al Noah

We created Susan Smith to interrogate a scenario in which ‘the Susans’ were in a position to run society; they made the decisions and maximised efficiency of their ideals. The best part? They supported eachother and those around them in order to do so.

Model: Emma Irwin, Photographer: Joe Al Noah

Susan is low-fuss and low maintenance; but don’t take this the wrong way. She’s particular, and established – an asset to society.

Model: Emma Irwin Photographer: Joe Al Noah

Susan isn’t afraid to step in and say something when things get tough.

Model: Meg Evans, Photographer: Joe Al Noah

She’s also not afraid to tell you if you step over the line.

Model: Natalie Galvau, Photographer: Joe Al Noah

But, she’s caring in all the right ways.

Model: Ellie Davies, Photographer: Joe Al Noah

And she meditates on the small things, ensuring it’s all to her liking.

Poster by Meg Evans
Magazine cover by Meg Evans

Susan Smith is more than just an identity, it’s a collective for the members of society who single handedly make a difference, act together, in the interests of others.

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